A Decade of Domain Existance: 2005-2015

I’m never gonna leave you. I never gonna leave
Holdin’ on, ten years gone
Ten years gone, holdin’ on, ten years gone

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone


On February 2, 2005, at the insistence of the systems engineer I worked closely with at the time, I created an account on GoDaddy and purchased the domain name “www.chadklumpp.com”.  At the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with the domain, and it sat with a generic placeholder until June 15, 2007, when I setup WordPress for the first time.  I tried out a couple of themes before the homepage was hijacked by some southern gentleman who proceeded to upload confederate flags all over.  For the most part, I played with WordPress themes and plugins, but did little with the webpage.

During the summer of 2010, I began writing for a particular website that is not worth mentioning.  I joined the endeavor to write about technology, only to have posts rejected in favor of fads and pop culture.  Frustration grew as I did not want to continue my contributions, but was badgered by the websites administrator/owner, who really wanted me around to assist with WordPress.  By the time we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, I had finally separated myself from the endeavor, and soon after, so had the others involved as well.

I was also laid off by my employer at the end of that summer, but was unemployed for only a couple of weeks.  I started my current position under contract, and had little time to contribute as I was making a 120 mile round trip commute on a daily basis.  I would occasionally post about some ramblings about what was on my mind, but did very little to the site until early 2011, when I made the decision to transfer to another domain registrar and hosting.  Unfortunately, during that process, the backup I made from the GoDaddy hosting corrupted, and their support was of little help.  GoDaddy truly sucks!

I recently discovered that I had owned this domain name for a decade, and decided an updated layout was needed.  I had spent time debating on branding my photography hobby with a different name, but considering how the images were already watermarked with this website, I felt it best to just build a page to display the images.  I also decided it would be nice to start fresh, and created an archive site for all of the posts made from 2011 through this year.  Most of what I archived could have been deleted, but I may want to go back and look at where I was at the time, perhaps see where I’ve improved.

It’s strange to look back ten years and see what has changed in life.  I’ve been married for seven of those years, we purchased a house, something we regret, and moved to an area that we are much happier to reside in.  I’m still a hardcore Houston Astros fanatic, and continued to support the team from their 2005 World Series appearance to the retirement of players I watched since I was a child, through 100+ loss seasons.  This year was exciting, as the team were able to finish the season with a winning record, defeated the Yankees to gain the wildcard slot, and participated in an ALDS series before succumbing to the Royals.  At least the Cardinals were eliminated, because ten years later, I still hate them as well.  Six Flags Astroworld was still open, although that would change by October of that year.

When I purchased this name, Youtube did not exist, and I was an avid Digg user before that site jumped the shark and I moved over to Reddit (whose admins have difficulty fulfilling their roles, which cost me the use of my long time username).  MySpace is now the abandoned amusement park of the internet, while Facebook and Twitter dominate my social media usage.  Radio has been replaced by internet streaming and podcasts, and practically every household has a television that is flat.

I wonder what comparisons we will be making ten years from now?